You don’t need a music label to grow nowadays

You don’t really need a music label to grow nowadays

Yeah, you read that right, you don’t really need a music label to grow nowadays, Just like you don’t necessarily need to have a degree to get a job which is good though. Let me ask you a simple question, you have two roads to choose.

One of it says fame, lots of money and every luxury but zero knowledge in music. The other one would give you an abundant knowledge of music, but just knowledge nothing else. Which one would you choose?

If you choose the second one then you’d relate to this article for sure. We don’t really need a core in today’s world. People have been quite fake and somewhere pseudo artists are also adapting to being fake.

Pseudo artists are the ones who call themselves artists but don’t really fall into that category. While artists would do something they like, pseudo artists would do something people would like. While artists find art literally in the simplest of situation, pseudo artists only work when they are put into an artistic situation.

So, there are two things you can do once you turn to music. One, become an independent artist and two, get into a record label. Now, while everyone is mostly confused between the two and which to go for. We have a great guide for you to make things easier for you. Shall we?

When would an artist need a Record Label?

A record label is like a whole team doing wonders for you. Once you are an established artist you can turn towards record labels. You have to show them that you are worth signing the deal or your music is worth investing in. there are a lot of artists who have been underpaid or their career has gone down in vain because they hurried.

First, you build and then you expand. Record labels get you manpower, they would get you a whole big budget.  You being a single person cannot really do everything on your own, so they could come handy. Also, when you sign a record label they’d want to know whether your music is ‘bikau’. Record labels work on ‘we find you’ terms. If your beats touch their ears then they will found you themselves.

You don’t have to chase them once you are chased by fans for autograph or photograph. Also, if you really want to grow huge, you can’t expect it to be one man show. You need people and record label will give you that. However, if record labels aren’t really something you’re looking for right now, they will obviously come handy in the future.

When should you work as an independent artist?

According to me, working as an independent artist is the best. My awkward self can’t really deal with people though. Obviously, this is not the only reason that you don’t have to get into record labels. There are three legit reasons rather than being an introvert to stick to being an independent artist.

The three reasons are;

  1. You are a newbie/ noob
  2. Your music isn’t heard by a lot of people yet,
  3. You make zero money out of your music

If you are in these stages you should stick to being an independent artist. When you’re an artist all you have to focus on is music and growth. You can collect contacts, or go to gigs, etc. at this stage, you really have to focus on how you grow as an artist. Record labels also sign you only when they know that you are of the essence.

If they don’t see the market, they won’t give you an opportunity. Somehow you should know to create a fanbase and a market for yourself. Considering, this it is not necessary that you start making something which is heard everywhere. Do not give up on your uniqueness, just because you don’t have a market yet. Your uniqueness would get you a good market!

I really hope that this article has been of help to you if you were confused. Do tell us how you feel about this post in the comments and write back if for suggestions or updates and keep connecting.  

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