Nucleya in Tollywood ??

Nucleya in Tollywood ??

Nucleya has been a prominent player of the Indian Edm scene since his successful last album Raja Baja.

As you might be aware that Nucleya next album TOTA MYNA is on its way, and a launch concert for the album is also going to held on 10th November with Supporting acts by RITVIZ, FOREIGN BEGGARS, SHIVA MANVI.

Nucleya has always been bringing fresh talents to collaborate on his music, this time this hasn’t changed.

Recently Nucleya posted on his Instagram, picture with Tollywood actress Shruti Hassan.

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” Excited to reveal the first collaborator on the new album!! Got something really special coming with @shrutzhaasan I had been looking forward to working with Shruti for a while now. When she came into the studio what blew me away was not just her ability as a singer, but as a lyricist and songwriter as well. She wrote all the lyrics and the vocals on our collaboration and it has come out great!!
Who else should I collaborate with on the album?

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Thus, confirming a collaboration with Tollywood actress on his Instagram, revealing that the actress is not only

good at acting but also a good singer/songwriter.

Is this collaboration a sign that Nucleya might me producing music for Tollywood any time soon too, as his music can be heard heavily influenced by the South Indian culture.

Nucleya has already done some tracks in Bollywood too.

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