If you Love EDM & Gaming, heres a perfect Festival for you!

If you Love EDM & Gaming, heres a perfect Festival for you!

The music festival space keeps on developing in fascinating new ways. While a few festivals needed to state farewell, we are as yet observing new thoughts spring up. The most recent festival participant originates from Insomniac and it bases on computer games. Aggressive gaming is detonating and it intently interweaves with the EDM world in such a significant number of ways.

Insomniac is bringing us PLAY, a music festival that consolidates music, gaming, eSports, enactments, and cosplay. You’ll have the greatest DJs joined with expert gamers and different famous people. Notwithstanding live exhibitions you’ll have gaming rivalries and gaming fun.


PLAY Festival guarantees to give a large number of energetic, immersive and selective encounters through multidimensional fields that will enable fans to test their abilities and test others in a few gaming and arcade domains. Given the marvel of move music and hip-bounce as the soundtrack for current gamers, live exhibitions from the greatest names in those sorts will likewise fill in as the scenery for fans—otherwise called Players—as they travel between various domains of the gaming and music festival environment. Furthermore, Players will observer the most tip top gaming rivalries ever curated as best eSport gamers and groups, big names, performers and competitors from around the globe go up against one another from inside the virtual universe of PLAY Festival.

“These two worlds have so many parallels. They’re colorful and high energy, they attract an audience that’s extremely passionate about community, and there’s a level of creative expression that both cosplayers and ravers share that you don’t see anywhere else. I’m excited to bring these two worlds together in a live environment like it’s never been done before.” – Pasquale Rotella

PLAY will highlight exemplary arcade amusements, virtual reality, laser tag, ramble racing, and that’s just the beginning. The festival originates from the fellow benefactor of Life in Color festival, Paul Campbell and he was inspired to do this since computer games inspired his affection for EDM.

“Early on it was the jingle from games like Mario Bros.that we all fell in love with. Then a lot of sports games curated full soundtracks with current music, and Grand Theft Auto really took it to another level, allowing you to control radio stations featuring all types of genres while driving across the city.”

No lineups or areas yet however it’s coming in 2019 so stay tuned! Fingers Crossed!!


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